Senza Gateway

sg131The SenzaGate and SenzaCoordinator families provide protocol translation and connectivity between the SenzaNET network and backend systems. The SG131 is a compact gateway with interfaces for the most widely used serial and industrial fieldbusses built in. The SG150 is primarily designed for deployment in remote locations where no IT infrastructure exists. It optionally includes a GSM/GPRS modem for cellular backhaul, and the extra large 64 MByte buffer ensures that no sensor readings are discarded even in the event of a temporarily lost or weak signal. The SenzaCoordinator SC130 provides simple, inexpensive serial connectivity to a host.

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SenzaBlock adapters connect sensors, instruments, meters and actuators to enable wireless transmission of data and commands. At the same time, they function as small computing devices which can autonomously handle tasks such as calibration, linearization and interpretation of control signals. Due to their low power hardware design and tightly time-synchronized wakeup cycles, SenzaBlock adapters can survive for years running on a battery. They are available with interfaces for analog, digital and pulse signals, and multiple enclosure and antenna options.




1-channel PT100 input

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2-channel analog input

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2-channel digital input/output

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2-channel analog output

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