The construction of the panels is an important part in the completion of an automation project.

The documentation, the construction and the ease of handling but also the diagnosis of faults, make the difference in the implementation of the automation panel.

BitLogic implements without limitation, all the techniques that suit each application according to your needs, with the aim of the automation panel being a construction that makes a difference and supports the operation of the automation project.


Specialized automation panels

  • Quick troubleshooting

  • Unlimited scalability

  • Robust construction, durability

  • Easy wiring, termination of external signals

  • Unlimited size, modular construction

  • Permanent networking, remote fault diagnosis

BitLogic with long experience in construction of specialized automation panels and having invested in equipment and human resources can immediately serve even the most complex and demanding applications in a very short time

Construction of specialized automation panels

  • PLC panels, Servo Drives, Inverters, Industrial PC

  • Automation and paging panels

  • Temperature - humidity logs locally on USB stick, SD card

  • Custom panels, special size control consoles, IP67 HMI protection, IP67 communication ports

  • All panels are accompanied by marking, numbered terminal block, detailed electrical drawing, list of materials, individual serial number

  • Stainless steel, galvanized, plastic, aluminum