Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are the core of automation systems control throughout the modern industry and beyond.

Use of PLCs in conjunction with peripheral devices such as HMIs, sensors and actuators is a powerful tool for implementing complex automation applications that require dynamic control and continuous monitoring of production processes.


PLC Automation

  • Flexibility in initial circuit conversions

  • Quick troubleshooting

  • Sufficiency of contacts (relays, timers, meters)

  • Robust -Continuous operation in "harsh" industrial environment

  • Ease of interconnection with peripherals

  • Ability to interface with other technologies

  • Ability to handle a large number of inputs-outputs (I/O)

  • Compatibility with a variety of communication protocols

  • Possibility of industrial networking

  • Unlimited Scalability

Modern, innovative solutions, high efficiency and flexibility, tested in a variety of applications in the industry

PLC applications by BitLogic

  • Application analysis, specifications definition, algorithm design, selection of appropriate hardware to ensure scalability

  • Personalized, documented coding

  • Technical support, troubleshooting in PLC systems, independent manufacturer (MITSUBISHI, SIEMENS, OMRON, HITACHI… ..)

  • PLC programming training for engineers, industry technical staff

  • Design of automation control panel. Construction, installation, commissioning

  • Structured object-oriented programming (LADDER, SCL, FBD, STL)

  • Replacement of old PLCs with new ones, of the same manufacturer, with conversion of the existing program (Migration)

  • Upgrading old PLC systems, after analysis, by replacing all the obsolete hardware and reprogramming the new one (Upgrade)