BitLogic as ADVANTECH's exclusive IIoT Solution Partner in Greece, provides modern IIoT solutions through the WISE-PaaS platform in every type of industrial applications.

Cloud - SCADA, Cloud - DataLogging, and any combination of industrial application with Cloud platform is implemented through WISE-PaaS, by the specialized engineers of BitLogic.



Industrial IoT

  • Surveillance via internet of any device and system

  • Surveillance via mobile devices tablet, smartphone

  • Independence of manufacturer or protocol

  • Unlimited Scalability

  • Ability to handle large amounts of data in a friendly and easy to use web environment

  • Ability to host all services provided in the cloud, without the need for IT infrastructure by the end user - customer

The harmonization of your production unit with IIIT and Industry 4.0 technologies can be implemented by the BitLogic in the simple and modern way, at low cost and high return >

IIoT and Cloud SCADA software services by BitLogic

  • Study - conversion of a conventional unit to IIoT regardless of the implemented architecture

  • Procurement - installation of appropriate IIoT equipment

  • Application development - Cloud Dashboards configuration

  • Hosting the application on the cloud platform of ADVANTECH Wise-PaaS

  • Technical Support

  • Free updates