Industrial data communication networks play an important role in the operational reliability of automated control systems. For their implementation, the appropriate choice of network topology, networking method, networking medium and communication protocol is required. The most common communication protocols widely used in industrial networks are, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Industrial Ethernet, MODBUS, CAN, HART.


Advantages of industrial networking

  • Seamless and secure exchange of information and data between the individual parts of the production process

  • Better coordination of the individual parts of production

  • More effective "collaboration" between humans and machines

  • Central and faster debugging of systems in the production process

  • Increase of productivity

  • Interconnection of systems of different constructs

The unlimited range of networking equipment available to BitLogic as a representative of ADVANTECH as well as the many specialized projects in Greece and abroad give the assurance of the suitability of the network that we will choose for your application

Industrial Network Applications from BitLogic

  • Design and implementation of all industrial protocols Industrial Ethernet, PROFINET, PROFIBUS, MODBUS, EtherCAT ...

  • Unlimited range of equipment, of all specifications, extended temperature, ATEX, IP67

  • Routing, installation, welding of optical fibers

  • Transmission, fiber optics, copper, wireless

  • Protocol conversion, RS232, RS484, RS422, Ethernet, USB

  • Specialized implementations, FO Redundant Ring