Servo motors are used in applications where there are high demands on precision of movements, machines and mechanisms, regarding the position, speed, torque and their combination. Precise movement is achieved by driving motors with state-of-the-art servo drives that give us great possibilities of combinations of movements as well as synchronization of many axes.

BitLogic as Qualified System Integrator of Mitsubishi Electric,a world-leading company in the field of servo drives, it has the necessary know-how to develop applications that require complex movements and multi-axis synchronization.


Automations Servo Motors - Drives

  • Complete control, closed loop, complex movements

  • Position, speed, torque control

  • PLC functionality

  • Networking capabilities and fast control

  • Ability to synchronize multi-axis movements

  • Versatile Software

  • Integrated safety functions

  • Zero vibrations

Robust servo solutions, eliminates errors, and gives simplicity and accuracy to motion applications

Servo drives by BitLogic

  • Application design, 3D, simulation, specification, Motors Sizing

  • Turnkey solutions. Complete design construction of mechanical servo drive systems

  • Standard applications, rotary knife, XYZ pick and place, XYΘ motion align, gantry, film streching

  • Synchronization of movements on multiple axes

  • Remote technical support via internet

  • Packaging applications