Powerful tool in the hands of production engineers are the supervisory control and data collection systems or SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)

SCADA brings together in a single monitoring and control console all the individual automation subsystems of our production process such as touch screens (HMI), programmable logic controllers (PLC), the state of sensors and actuators, but also the state of the industrial network data that connects all of the above.


Advantages of SCADA

  • Universal representation of the production process through a graphical environment

  • Control of the production process by a centralized control system, configuration of the individual systems

  • Real-time control of the production process, information on its smooth development

  • Storage of critical data of the production process in a database

Modern, innovative solutions, high efficiency and flexibility, tested in a variety of applications in the industry

SCADA - DataLogging applications by BitLogic

  • Process capture, subsystem analysis, specifications definition

  • Selection and supply of network equipment for data collection and transmission.

  • Graphic environment design using SCADA Mitsubishi MAPS platform, ADVANTECH WebACCESS, SIEMENS WINCC

  • Design and construction of Compact DataLogger with PLC - HMI - Local DataBase - GSM - 4G - Remote

  • Design, construction, Industrial RACK, installation, commissioning

  • Supervision of production - process through browser, WebACCCESS, CloudSCADA, WebDashboards, SCADA as Service

  • Upgrading old platform technology to new ones with INDUSTRY 4.0 and IIoT Ready specifications

  • Secure Techniques, Redundant Servers, High Availability, Virtualization

  • Easy to use reporting, automatic backup