The specialized engineers of BitLogic have the knowledge and experience to design and implement integrated applications by integrating robotic control systems perfectly adapted to the needs and requirements of your production process.


Automations with Robot

  • Sorting and storage of products (pick and place)

  • Product packaging

  • Cut and welding

  • Material Handling

  • Τροφοδότηση - υποστήριξη μηχανών (feeding - machine tending)

  • Palletizing

  • Assembly of products

  • Vision guided robots for checking and inspection of products

Robotic applications by BitLogic

Εφαρμογές ρομποτικής από την BitLogic

  • Application design, 3D, simulation, specification

  • Design Robot custom grab construction

  • Design, construction of mechanical subsystems, servo drive systems, PLC automation panel

  • Robot supply, installation, commissioning

  • After Sales Service 24/7

  • Design construction of security circuit of operators, security cell